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      A home alarm system with mobile control. Arm or disarm your system from your phone.



        A home alarm system with mobile control from your phone and interactive home automation solutions.



          A home alarm system with mobile control from your phone, automation solutions, plus security cameras.


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            View Smart Security

              ADS Smart Security includes Wireless Monitoring that provides reliable, uninterrupted security protection, in addition to remote alarm control features.

              View Home Automation

                Simplify your life with Home Automation systems. Lock or unlock doors, adjust lights and thermostats, turn off water valves and more from your tablet or smart phone.

                View Security Cameras

                  Keep an eye on your property from anywhere with home security cameras. View live video or receive video clips via text or email on your smart phone.

                  View Fire Protection

                    Know that your loved ones and home are protected from smoke and fire. Options include automatically turning on all lights and unlocking doors in the event of a fire.

                    View Carbon Monoxide Protection

                      Protect yourself and your loved ones from the invisible danger of carbon monoxide. Be notified when this deadly gas is detected in your home so you may safely evacuate.

                      View Wellness Solutions

                        Live independently with wireless medical alert pendants that call for help 24/7 when you have a fall or unexpected medical emergency.

                        View Pet Protection

                          The ADS Paws program stores vital pet safety information on file and provides pet rescue decals and pet cameras to ensure they're safe while you are away from home.

                          View Water Leak Detection and Automation

                            Protect your property from one of the most costly insurance claims with the ability to detect leaks and automatically turn water valves on or off.

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                            "The police were able to solve four break-ins because of my alarm system. ADS called right away within seconds of it alerting, and as soon as I said, "No, it shouldn't be going off", the operator called the police. She should know she changed somebody's life - and not just mine but the people in my neighborhood who were never going to get their stuff back, and they got their stuff back because she was prompt...I need her to know that. I'm never leaving ADS - ever. It's just a done deal, customer for life."

                            Jennifer Edwards, Murfreesboro, TN