ADS +Rewards Intro

Why is a rewards program important to ADS?

    Who is eligible for the program?

      Residential customers who have been with ADS for a minimum of 5 years.

      Eligibility is directly tied to the "Customer Since Date" listed on a customer's account in Sedona.

      Q: Can I request that a customer become eligible earlier than their 5-year "Customer Since Date"?

      A: No, unfortunately all customers must stay on the same schedule in order to maintain proper mechanics of the program.

      Q: If a commercial account that has been with ADS for at least 5 years adds a residential site to their account, does that residential site become eligible for the program?

      A: Yes, they would become eligible on their next "Customer Since Date".

      How are customers notified about their eligibility?

        1. They will receive a special mailer at their billing address within a week of their "Customer Since Date".

        2. If they have an email address on file, they will receive an email on their "Customer Since Date".

        Inside of the mailer are two cards that may be peeled off and kept. The first card gives them instructions on how to claim their reward.


        The second card is a $250 gift card with a special code that they may share with an unlimited number of family and friends, so they can save at sign-up with ADS. The special code is: UBNBL-NIMMB


        Q: If someone signs-up with this special code, does that count as a referral?

        A: Yes, anyone that signs up with this $250 gift card code would count as a referral and earn the customer $50, as long as the referral mentions the customer's name that gave them the gift card.

        How do eligible customers get started in the program?

          Eligible customers are directed here to learn more about the program, or to My ADS to view or redeem their reward.

          To get started, they must log-in to their My ADS account (many will not have an account and will need to create one) and follow the instructions that pop-up on the screen once they log-in.


          Q: What if a customer doesn't have a computer or is unwilling to sign-up for a My ADS account?

          A: They are asked to call Customer Care who can help them redeem their reward. If you are onsite with them you can also help them as explained below.

          If I'm onsite with a customer, can I help them claim their reward?

            Yes, if you are onsite with a customer and they are eligible for the program, you can help them claim a reward very easily.

            Simply launch the new "Customer Info" app on your iPad and search for the customer's account.

            If a customer is eligible to participate in the ADS +Rewards program AND they have a loyalty level greater than 0, a tab along the bottom called Customer Loyalty will be enabled. From this tab you can redeem a customer’s available rewards. If there are rewards to be redeemed, you will see a large red ribbon that says “Redeem $XXX of Loyalty Rewards Now.” Tap the ribbon.

            The app will then display the ADS +Rewards program “Terms and Conditions.” There will be another red ribbon that says “I accept the Terms and Conditions.” Have the customer review the terms and conditions and tap that ribbon if they agree.

            Finally, the app will display a Voucher Code that can be used in the Resi Sales app to apply the Rewards to a new sale. (Instructions on where to enter this code further down this page)

            How do the rewards work?

              Every customer that becomes eligible for the +Rewards Program, regardless of how many years they've been a customer, starts with a $250 reward.

              They may choose to redeem their $250 reward or watch it grow each year by $50, up to a maximum of $500.

              Once a reward has been redeemed, the reward rolls back to $0 until their next anniversary when it will begin to grow again from $50 up to $500.

              How can customers use their reward dollars?

                Customers may use their reward to upgrade their system to the latest in home security and automation technologies, like:

                • 4G Radios
                • Touchscreen Keypads
                • Security Cameras
                • Smart Thermostats
                • Electronic Door Locks
                • Lighting Automation
                • Water Automation
                • Water Sensors
                • Garage Door Automation
                • Appliance Automation (coffee pots, etc.)

                This is an excellent opportunity to educate customers on our latest technologies and upsell them to increase RMR generated from this program.

                Where do I enter the rewards voucher code when a customer wants to use a reward?

                  When you are in the Sales App on your iPad, under Proposals -> Proposals, Adjustments and Totals, there is a field called Voucher Code. This is where you enter the customer's Rewards Voucher Code.

                  How does the rewards program impact my commission?

                    You can view complete details about commissions for this program in the Sales Compensation Plan Document. See your General Manager or Sales Trainer for more details.

                    What are the program's terms and conditions?

                      Terms and Conditions: Eligibility for the ADS +Rewards program is limited to active residential customers (with a recurring monthly payment) that are in good credit standing and have been a customer of ADS for at least five years. ADS employees are not eligible for this program. Use of any reward in the +Rewards program will require a new 36-month monitoring agreement. Multi-site accounts are limited to a single enrollment. Rewards can only be gifted to someone who lives within the ADS service area and who does not yet have service with ADS. A free system upgrade is valued at a maximum of $500. Certain restrictions may apply. Cannot be combined with other offers. ADS retains the right to cancel this program at any point in time at their discretion.

                      Get the inside scoop from those who have been using the rewards program.

                      General Managers

                        How has the rewards program impacted your tenured customers?

                        How has the rewards program pulled your team closer to your tenured customers? 

                          How has the rewards program helped you minimize cancellations and engage your sales team?


                          Sales Consultants

                            What is your overall impression of the rewards program? 

                            How has the rewards program impacted your business?

                              Has the program prevented you from capturing other business?

                              Have you been able to upsell these accounts for additional RMR?

                                What is your best advice to help the sales team make the rewards program a success?

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